The e4 brick house concept

Sectional drawing of the e4 brickhouse

Energy-efficient, healthy and affordable housing

A new house has to meet a lot of important requirements. Not only personal ones, but also the ones imposed by third parties such as the 2020 building directive by the European Union for all newly constructed buildings. One of its objectives is to be 20% more energy-efficient by the year 2020, thus reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by 20% and increasing the amount of renewable energies by 20%.
Wienerberger’s answer to this challenge is the e4 brick house concept in order to demonstrate what can be achieved with bricks and today’s technology.

Wienerberger has developed this concept together with experts to offer families an energy-efficient, healthy as well as affordable house. It reflects the growing wish of many private builders to make a statement in support of climate protection, while simultaneously realising their own plans.
In the recent years, several e4 brick houses have been realized in different countries, and there will be more. See them below.

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