The project was awarded a gold medal in the category “Building materials” by the President of the Republic of Lithuania in a competition organized by the Lithuanian construction industry, the “Lietuvos metu gaminys 2008”.

Project details

Reference object

Verkiu residential estate, Vilnius


Raimondas Pilkauskas, Danguole Pilkauskiene & Co., Arūnas Venckus


UAB “Hanner Development”

Clay roof tile used

Koramic Actua 10 with Stormfix R, red engobed

Facing brick used

Terca Lentenbont WF, Desimpel Agraat WFD

Multi-family houses in Vilnius

Multi-family houses in Vilnius

Multi-family houses in Vilnius

Multi-family houses in Vilnius

Multi-family houses in Vilnius

Multi-family houses in Vilnius

Multi-family houses in Vilnius

Multi-family houses in Vilnius

A sense of privacy

The multi-storey houses situated next to an attractive park are designed for families. The fence surrounding the estate gives the residential complex a sense of privacy and offers the families a safe and comfortable environment in which to live. One of the clients’ aims was to shield the houses from traffic, which is why a garage was built beneath the estate.

Environmentally friendly building materials

The houses were built using nothing but environmentally friendly materials, including brick and clay roof tiles. In this way, the former industrial zone was transformed into a friendly residential area offering a good quality of life. The complex was built next to the local Verkiu Park and is situated in the vicinity of the Trinapolis Monastery, a popular tourist attraction. The nearby River Neris makes the park one of the prettiest places anywhere in Vilnius. The remarkable surroundings make this district a prestigious residential area and promise a high standard of living. To this effect, the architects wanted to emphasize both the art of the buildings and the special characteristics of the area. Therefore only natural, high-quality, enduring products from Wienerberger Lithuania were chosen to build this residential complex.
Critics praised the successful integration of the building into its surroundings through the use of natural products that make the building appear less monotonous and heavy. Not only the architects, but also the residents expressed extreme satisfaction with the quality of the materials used and the finished complex.

Using clay roof tiles also for the façade

The architects used the red engobed clay roof tiles Actua 10 not only because of their environmentally friendly nature; it was also possible to run them from the roof down to the façade, which was one of the client’s specifications.

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