A house constructed of clay building materials

Product groups
Wienerberger supplies a comprehensive product range for the entire building as well as for outdoor areas.

Simply more versatile

Whether for roof, façade, wall, terrace, public area or garden – clay tiles, bricks and pavers can be used in various ways. They are robust, have a proven lifespan of more than 100 years and retain their quality and value for generations.
Bricks, clay blocks, pavers and clay roof tiles are made from the natural resources clay and clayey mixtures and fired at high temperatures. The power of fire transforms the soil into ceramic products and strengthens the unique properties of bricks and tiles.
The continuous further development of technologies and products leads to a permanent improvement of key product properties. The results are optimal, complete solutions made of ceramic building materials for the entire building, which are architecturally versatile and beautiful, energy-efficient and sustainable – from the basement to the rooftop.

The added value of our building material solutions results from the intelligent combination of one or several building materials and the corresponding services like consulting and servicing. Examples are cost and time savings, improved thermal insulation, quicker processing.


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