De Oversteek, Netherlands

De Oversteek, Ney & Poulissen Architects Engineers © Stijn Bollaert
De Oversteek, Ney & Poulissen Architects Engineers © Stijn Bollaert

Architects Ney & Poulissen Architects Engineers, Belgium
Location Nijmegen, Netherlands
Construction period 03.2011 - 11.2013
Nomination category Urban Infill
Purpose City bridge
Usable floor area 47 500 m²
Brick type Facing bricks, clay pavers

The construction of ‘De Oversteek’ is part of a large-scale city expansion programme at the river Waal. As a result the river was given more space to flood in case of climate change. This urban bridge should form an integral part of the riverscape and be both seen and experienced from the banks as well as from the bridge itself. It will not only serve as a traffic artery but also merge with the city, as new open spaces were created underneath this bridge, which could be used for concerts, exhibitions and other purposes. That way, the bridge becomes part of the public space.
The final design of the bridge is a staging, using a combination of contemporary knowledge on master planning, construction techniques and conceptual design. A principle aim of the design process was to visualise the structural efficiency. There are no added ‘counterfeits’. The bridge is coherent and logical with regards to physical laws, thus natural beauty is the consequence. The steel arch of 285 meter is the main feature of the design and accentuates the part of the river where the boats can sail. The chosen reddish-brown brick is made of riverclay from the Waal itself and was therefore the perfect material. Additionally, a stripe of the bridge deck is paved with a comparable red brick. The colour of the side walls thus merges into the paving as well as the underpasses that have been finished with the same brick.

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