Clay roof tiles

Clay roof tiles: Roman, Natural Red, Multiblend & Straw
For many people, a roof conveys a feeling of security and charm as it is both flagship and protective shield.

Clay roof tiles offer many possibilities

Clay roof tiles protect the building, provide possibilities for the expression of regional identity and cultural heritage, they are aesthetic and durable. Our clay roof tiles meet the requirements on modern house construction, are easily processed and finished with UV-resistant colouring.
Clay roof tiles are applied for single-family homes and apartment houses, office and industrial buildings as well as for refurbishment projects. No matter if a pitched or flat roof, a hip or saddle roof have to be tiled, all roof shapes are feasible and every desired effect can be achieved – from modern to traditional and from classic to extravagant.

The benefits of pitched roofs

Thereby, the pitched roof is a cultural asset in large parts of Europe. It is an integral component of our building culture and architectural history. Roofs are an evidence of the construction method, architecture and construction technology of single decades.
However, pitched roofs are much more than just a sign and expression of tradition. Owing to their properties, they fulfil key functions in the construction or renovation of buildings. The aim of every roof renovation is the preservation of the original appearance of the building worthy of protection and yet meeting current standards.

Further do pitched roofs of single-family houses with habitable attics show a better environmental compatibility when comparing them to two- and three-storey houses with flat concrete roofs.

Adding elegance to your roof

With our products we provide the visual impact of a timeless modern roof together with the distinctive character of natural clay. The appeal of this material when combined with other visual elements lies in its subtlety, symmetry, natural elegance, human scale, and timeless perfection. The product line ranges from contemporary flat tiles with “engobe” to natural red plain tiles as they have been used for centuries.

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