House of Trace, United Kingdom

House of Trace, TSURUTA ARCHITECTS © Tim Crocker
House of Trace, TSURUTA ARCHITECTS © Tim Crocker

Architects Tsuruta architects, United Kingdom
Location London, United Kingdom
Construction period 01.2014 - 01.2015
Nomination category Re-Use
Purpose Family home refurbishment
Usable floor area 110 m²
Brick type Clay blocks, facing bricks

A residential extension and refurbishment of an existing home in South London reveals the memories of the place and construction. The demolition of the original extension and its replacement called for an intervention that can be a part of the original main building without replicating classical vocabulary or gesture. It was intended to keep a sense of memory, while simultaneously allowing the new intervention to have its own identity. The original extension had no distinct historical or architectural value, and was structurally unsound, but it had a sloop roof profile typical of those found in terrace house back gardens. Therefore it was decided to incorporate this banality in the new face of the rear garden – in a way fossilizing and preserving its charm to carry some sense of associated memory to those who know it or those who see it new. For the same reason the structures of the new envelope have been exposed internally wherever practically possible. Sheerwater silver yellow stock brick was chosen for the new external walls of the project because of its colour and affordable cost. Particular attention has been paid to the original brick profiles. New and original brick courses intentionally don’t match, so that they create clear contrast on the façade.

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