House VR, Belgium

House VR, lezze architecten © Filip Dujardin
House VR, lezze architecten © Filip Dujardin

Architects lezze architecten, Belgium
Location Lembeek, Belgium
Construction period 05.2011 - 11.2012
Nomination category Special Solution
Purpose Single-family house
Usable floor area 175m²
Brick type Facing bricks, clay blocks

The building site is situated in Lembeek, a small town amid the rolling countryside that overlooks Brussels. The challenge was to build a single-family house with four bedrooms within a fairly small budget and subjected to all kinds of building regulations. In this case, creative design and true craftsmanship would have to compensate for the lack of means. For example, combining different sizes of bricks has a decorative effect and lends depth to the façade. This structure remains visible as the bricks are not plastered over. This construction technique requires great patience and expertise. Thus it was possible to match the precise heights of window and door openings. To harmonise this construction rhythm, standard concrete lintels were replaced with supporting beams in brick. The inside of the building is made entirely of wood. This project demonstrates that in spite of being limited by budget and urban planning, interesting buildings can be implemented with standard materials, based on inventive design and true craftsmanship.

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