Clay roof tiles – our latest developments

Koramic mixed
Clay roof tiles by Wienerberger combine state-of-the-art production technology with high environmental compatibility.

Innovation plays a significant role

Wienerberger constantly seeks to meet increasing requirements – and in this respect, innovation plays a significant role.

Sturmfix 2.0

A good sailor knot holds bombproof when needed - but also can be released again easily.
This principle now applies to our new patented Sturmfix 2.0: The innovative fastening system has been enhanced and therefore not only provides maximum storm safety on the roof but also can be removed easily now if needed. As a result, the quick and easy removal of clay roof tiles is ensured, for example in case of repairs or subsequent installation of a roof window.

Koramic AluGrip-Rol – Roof Grip Extreme Technology

Koramic AluGrip-Rol is a fully-aluminium ventilated ridge and hip roll with the patented Roof Grip Extreme technology of Wienerberger and represents a new generation of ridge & hip rolls. The new Roof Grip Extreme technology has been developed and tested for use on ceramic surfaces. Tensile strength test results showed three times higher bond strength on glazed, engobed and natural red surfaces compared to the commercial standard Butyl.

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