UK: Keymer handmade clay roof tiles since 1588

Keymer - one of the oldest established roofing brands in the UK

A range born over many generations, defined by time and mastered by hand

Keymer is crafting handmade tiles and fittings since 1588. The use of local, rich Wealden clay produces unique warm colors as well as textures and provides renowned durability. The brand forms a strong foundation for the heritage industry in the UK. It has two core product ranges and offers one of the only truly handmade tiles in Europe.
The production of Keymer tiles:

Heritage Service

The Keymer Heritage Service creates bespoke handmade roof tiles and fittings for any desired project. Clay tiles are handmade by Keymer’s heritage experts in much the same way as clay tiles would have been done a hundred years ago.
The demand as well as the production of Keymer's handmade clay roof tiles have shown a steady increase in the past years. Now dispatched throughout the British Isles and used on roofs from cottages to castles, supermarkets to town centers, Keymer clay roof tiles are also exported to the rest of Europe, America and lately even Russia and Japan.

Stunning effect on beautifully restored period property

The roof on the old Vicarage in Suffolk was reroofed with Keymer’s Traditional Elizabethan and Antique tiles with the aim of keeping its historic integrity whilst creating a comfortable and insulated family home.
The property was listed in 1961 and so it was the owner’s goal to ensure that the roof was re-tiled with respect to its heritage, age, locality, and period style. It was essential that the tiles chosen fitted in with the overall character and quality of the building. By selecting a 50/50 mix of Keymer’s Traditional Elizabethan and Antique tiles, the period property now boasts the use of beautiful handmade heritage products, which the home owner believed were the closest match to the peg tiles expected to be seen on a house of this period and location.
Find out more about the Old Vicarage:

Other properties renovated with Keymer tiles

  • Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick: Traditional tiles
  • Aston Martin Owners Club in Oxfordshire: Traditional Antique handmade clay tiles
  • Leeds Castle in Kent: county Oeg handmade clay tiles
  • Tewkesburry Abbey in Tewkesburry: Traditional handmade tiles in Antique / Elizabethan mix
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