Clay building materials provide interesting and architecturally valuable solutions for the entire building

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Bricks, clay blocks, roof tiles and pavers are among the most versatile and modern building materials. They allow the implementation of architectural fantasies as well as varied and aesthetic designs.

Clay building materials provide interesting and architecturally valuable solutions for the entire building and simultaneously create a healthy indoor climate. Constructing with bricks, clay blocks, roof tiles and pavers means constructing according to one’s personal desires and ideas.

Why clay building materials?

The architectural potential of these clay materials can be found in many of Wienerberger’s reference projects.  Today, architects and companies use brick in modern, forward-thinking and versatile ways because brick is beautiful and compelling, contemporary as well as traditional. Brick is local, sustainable and cost-effective. Above all, it is able to breathe life into innovative designs or finishing flourishes.


Clay roof tile: ArGeTon- terracotta facade

Office building in Gooi

The new heart of a redeveloped neighbourhood

Dr. Struyckenplein in Breda, The Netherlands

Self-regulating office Building in Lustenau

House without technology

Social housing project in Finland with a very distinctive façade

Unlimited freedom of creative expression

Paved underpass with two pedestrians strolling by

Redesign of the underpass Paul-Neverman-Place

Multi family house in Paris with Wienerberger roof tiles

Multi family house in Paris

Multi-family House in Frankfurt on the Main

Living at the cathedral

Unlimited freedom of creative expression

Subtle, outspoken, vivid: Wienerberger provides a broad range of opportunities for architectural projects – ranging from colours, shapes, sizes, surfaces to accessories as well as special designs and custom-made products. Together with Wienerberger, architects can be creative, expressive and inspired.
Additionally, Wienerberger initiated its own award with the objective to promote innovative international brick architecture: since 2004, the company has awarded the Wienerberger Brick Award. This prize pays homage to outstanding building design and the aesthetic and functional advantages facing bricks, clay blocks and roof tiles have to offer in contemporary architecture.

"When we talk about bricks, people think that we talk about tradition. But you can find many brick buildings with a new, modern approach, and they give brick a new meaning and a new appearance. It all depends on how innovatively you use brick."
Wang Shu, architect and Pritzker Prize winner
Jury member of the 2014 Wienerberger Brick Award 

Notable References

Take a look at some interesting projects using Wienerberger products. This is just a selection of typical examples of how fascinating brick buildings can be. For more case studies please visit the Wienerberger website in your respective country.

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